About us

WWESC was established in Egypt, 2002. We are proud to confirm that we have now opened two branches in Cairo, a branch in Alexandria and one in Libya, in addition to our latest branch in Dubai in emirates and our new prospective branch will opened before the end of this year in Saudi Arabia.

WWESC is a registered Education agency for over 1175 educational organization including universities. Institutions, colleges and schools private and governor all over the world such as in (Australia, Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Romania, ETC) that provides quality Education Services to the students.

WWESC is a highly professional education agency that helps the students who are seeking higher education overseas

Our role is to provide help and information to all Egyptian and International students, graduates and young professionals. We provide them with access to a wide range of courses at different levels at some of the best institutions in the world; assisting students in order to enhance their qualification and career prospects, in turn developing on their experience and knowledge needed to prepare them for a successful and prosperous future. While studying abroad they will earn all the necessary skills required for them to live in global interdependent and cultural.

Our counselors can help you and your parents to understand the entire process of studying abroad from selecting the course and the institution that suits you the most.

What our students have in common is the desire to learn and succeed. Whoever you are, we give you the opportunity to do this in an educational environment that is welcoming, supportive, informative and safe.

We are proud of the success that our students achieve. We provide the first stepping stones, which ultimately leads to a successful career. We facilitate students to study abroad in institutions that are globally recognized for its high quality and excellence.

As part of our role, we help you to get a student visa so that you can study abroad. We also make sure that you live comfortably in a healthy educational environment and that you fit into a more diverse and multicultural community where you will feel at home. Thus, allowing you to meet and to socialize with different people and in turn, enhancing your English Language abilities as well as your social attitudes.

Over the past years we have been recruiting a lot of students to various highly reputed universities all over the world in which we developed trusted and well established partnerships with.

We are still committed to serve our students, through dedicating all the resources available and by facilitating their enrollment placement within the Universities. All our prospective students have access to assistance throughout the process. We strive to guide them as long as needed and they can visit our branches to find out anything related to their plans to study abroad.