Cost of Living in Australia

Cost of Living in Australia

Australia it is a requested condition from the Australian Embassy that all prospective students provide relevant evidence in a form of documentation to prove that they have been permitted to travel to Australia on the grounds for educational purposes. We on behalf of our students provide the Australian Embassy with the documents, such as the Letter of Enrollment (LoE), which is formal offer sent to students as a conditional offer of acceptance. Additionally, you are required to take out health care (OSHC).

For more information about the Overseas Student Health Cover, read the Health Care section .

Furthermore, you are also required to prove that you are able to financially support yourself and any dependents independently without help from the Australian authorities throughout your authorized study period.

While students are studying in Australia, they will need to pay for their own food, accommodation, transportation, clothing, entertainment, international and domestic travel, utility bills and incidental costs. In order to have some idea of the living costs, we have provided an estimation of the expenditure students will incur.

The average international student in Australia spends about 320 AUD per week on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport, international and domestic travel, and telephone and incidental costs. School students in Australia typically spend a little less – about 265 AUD a week – on accommodation and food, entertainment, transport and associated items. While these are a realistic guide, it is important to remember that individual circumstances will vary by location, course and lifestyle.

It is estimated that in the year 1999 household immigrants who had lived in Australia for less than two years have spent an average of 930 AUD per week suphporting three people; couples renting accommodation in Australia, would need a minimum of 365 AUD per week to survive and a single person would need about 225 AUD per week. You need to bear in mind that costs stated here are based on research basis, and vary according to your personal lifestyle and preferences.

Proposed Budget:

It is our advice that you should plan a budget so that you have some idea as to what you may need to spend. To make this easy for you we have prepared a proposed budget in order to give you an idea of the cost of living for a period of twelve months in Australia.

The costs stated are based on shared rental accommodation with two other students.You should prepare a budget of 12,000 AUD for living expenses each year. Remember, that costs will vary according to your personal lifestyle and preferences. You should budget for expenses of 12,000 AUD per year for living expenses. If you are married, you will need an additional 35% per year for your spouse and 20% per year for your first child plus $8,000 AUD per year for the cost of schooling; a further 15% per year for each additional child and schooling costs of 8,000 AUD per year.

For additional help, certain students whom are successful go to Australia to study can aphply to work part time alongside their studies. Working part time can provide a passage of financial suphport alongside their finance.


We provide help in finding accommodation suitable for our prospective students depending on their individual circumstances. There is an array of houses such as home unit, town houses, villas or free-standing houses in Australia. A free-standing house normally has a fenced garden with lawns surrounding the house – ideal for families with children. These homes/villas/units/houses can be rented with one to four bedrooms and include a kitchen, bathroom, internal toilet, lounge room (salon) and eating area (dining room). Electricity and telephone usage are additional costs.

Accommodation can be arranged with families in private homes. This is called ‘home-stay’ and generally includes an individual room plus three meals a day. You will have the pleasure of feeling safe in a family environment. Otherwise, we can find you a place with other students, in which you can share with them accommodation.