Study and work in Australia

International students in Australia on a student visa can apply for permission to work. A student can work up to 20 hours a week on a casual basis during course time and full-time during vacation periods if they have been granted a visa with work rights. In some cases. family members can apply for permission to work up to 20 hours a week throughout the year, In the case of Masters and Doctorate students, family members can apply for permission to work unlimited hours. You can only apply for a visa with work rights after you arrive in Australia and have begun studying. The application charge for a student visa with permission to work is 50 AUD and most students take part-time or casual jobs at some time during their studies.

Some jobs are closely tied to courses of study (such as formal cadet ships and informal arrangements such as part-time work by law students in solicitors’ offices). Some students tutor school children or get jobs on campus in the canteen, the bookshop, in the institution’s offices and as laboratory assistants. Some jobs are entirely outside the education community such as bar tending, babysitting, gardening, hospitality, sales, information technology, restaurants, checkout work or fruit picking. However, we are not responsible for searching for work placements on behalf of students, thus, you will need to be able to do so yourself.

Some institutions offer a job placement service. If work is available you will need to obtain a tax file number from the Australian Government. Under certain circumstances dependents of students are permitted to work. Student visa information on this website is an outline only and subject to change. For more detailed, accurate and up-to-date information on student visas and visa requirements, please call WORLDWIDE EDUCATION SERVICES CENTER