Living in turkey

Social Life

The fact that studying in Turkey is a great opportunity for a high quality education we have established already, but there is so much more than that. Turkey’s cities have many historical and cultural sites to visit, theaters and cinemas, exhibitions and festivals are also available for the one who feels like exploring the Turkish culture to the fullest.
As an international student you may consider joining some of the variety of clubs or student associations all of that can enrich your life in Turkey. In this beautiful country you will see all the characteristics of four climates, so there are various sports alternatives to take part in ranging from swimming, rafting, boating, to skiing. Football, basketball, volleyball and jogging are other parts of the vast array of sports and recreational activities you can enjoy.


Public transportation is very convenient and provided by buses, minibuses (dolmus), and subways (in major cities). Students have the right to a special discount for transportation both for intra-city and inter-city transportation.
Estimated Cost of Living
An average international student in Turkey will spend about 400-500 USD a month on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transportation and telephone costs. Books and administrative fees are approximately 100-150 USD per semester. Remember, though, that this figure depends on your location, lifestyle and which degree course you attend. You should seek further information on living costs from your institution directly.

General Costs per semester

Housing : 1,500 – 2,000 USD (including room deposit)
Food : 1,100 USD
Transportation : 300 USD
Books : 150 USD